2012 07 22: Limpit & Rebore BCU 1 star trip

After arduous training and strict diet of beer and BBQ's Limpit and Rebore were ready to face the torrent that is the Severn. With the sun shining and sea calm, its was a day not to be missed. After a short stop to watch a pair of dolphins (mother and baby)an easy paddle soon had them arriving at Portishead Sailing Club aka Loafer beach.

After successfully managing to avoid capsizing her kayak on the way up and avoiding a dunking, upon arrival Limpit felt compelled to put this right and after throwing off her clothes with abandon, dived into the inviting brown briney sea. Closely pursued by a Walrus, and unable to throw him off her tail, she led him to the blue buoy and back.

Following a bite to eat, all said bon voyage to the Loafers and headed back to the port of Clevedon, where a huge welcoming crowd had gathered along the seafront to welcome them back (get in the way of carrying the kayaks). Rebore chatted to his many fans and threw his buoyancy aid into the crowd as a keepsake but later found it abandoned on the beach.

At a celebration bbq later, BCU certificates were awarded.

Attached is a video of the trip, click the picture to watch.