2012 02 19: Meadsfoot to Paignton

Tides were on neaps but the forecast was sunny with very cold strong NW winds (speed Bft5, gusting Bft7); although offshore, they were not encouraging conditions and we nearly called the trip off. However, with a contingency in mind (paddle the Dartmouth estuary), we set off. The calm conditions and warm sun that greeted us were quite unexpected but very welcome and a fantastic start to the year.

After carting kit down to the beach, we warmed up with a gentle bit of rock hopping, checked out some fossilised rocks, then headed through the arch and round the corner into Torquay harbour. We couldn't get into the inner harbour as the tide was too low so we headed out and round the bay. After exploring a few caves we stopped at Paignton beach for lunch.

After lunch, we decided to head back the way we had come and go a bit further past Meadsfoot and round Thatchers Rock. We rock hopped back and landed on the small spit of sand left just before HW at 16:00.

After changing and packing kit, we bought tea and biscuits from an ice cream van on the front, enjoyed the view and chatted about the great day before setting off for home.

Attached is a video of the trip, click the picture to watch.