2011 10 02: Clevedon to Portishead

With temperature records set to be broken and a hot sun already rising to greet an early start, paddling speeds were always going to be leisurely. A classic trip on a flat calm sea from Clevedon to Portishead. Fresh faces Andy, Andy, Annette and Tim among the familiar Pam, Ian, Vince, Paul, Carol and Lu. Paddling was slow and social taking in the views and enjoying the chat. With a sping tide carrying us along, Portishead was quickly reached so lunch was turned into brunch. As we turned the corner at Portishead Point, interesting currents brought smiles to some and a gasp to others as a reminder to keep on your toes along this bit of coast even on calm days. With no mishaps, we beached beside Portishead marina for brunch, took in the sun, waited for the tide to turn, and watched Vince play with his new Tilley kettle, a boy's toy for sure.

On the return we stopped at Portishead Sailing Club to chat to old friends before continuing back to Clevedon. Unlike the quiet launch, by the time we got back, the beachfront was a heaving mass of tourists.

Attached is a video of the trip, click the picture to watch.