2010 07 24: Salcombe Estuary

This was an early start, Gary wanted everyone to meet in Salcombe by 0830BST to launch 0930BST. Fortunately, it was a gentle paddle around the Salcombe harbour so those tired in the party didn't need to paddle too hard before fully waking up.

We launched at North Sands and set off across to the opposite beach called South Sands (surprise, surprise). Then it was full steam ahead and down to Kingsbridge for lunch. Lots of boats moving about along the way to keep us on our toes and play in their wake if they passed close enough.

After a leisurely lunch we headed back, exploring one of the creeks along the way, arriving back about 1500BST. After changing and loading our boats it was into the Winking Prawn cafe for tea and medals.

Attached is a video of the trip, click the picture to watch.