2010 03 27: Kingswear to Tuckenhay

The weather forecast varied depending where you looked, often with cooler northerly winds predicted, or cloud, or possibly some rain. Even the drive down was a bit grey. Probably the sun was suffering the loss of an hour's sleep after putting the clocks forward. But by the time we arrived in Kingswear the sun had woken up and stayed for the day.

Doug, Pam and Ian had borrowed some CCC kayaks and Vince offered Doug a lift but still managed to arrive first. Carol and me arrived next, followed by Nick and Sandra, cursing about going to the Dartmouth/wrong side first. This wouldn't be the last wrong turn of the day!

We launched from a small creek and paddled under the steam railway bridge into Dartmouth harbour and turned left to explore it a little before setting off upstream on the flood tide towards Tuckenhay. ......Or most of us did. Nick was so intent on exploring the Dart mouth and open sea he was out of earshot in an instance with Doug in hot pursuit. Three paddlers from Dartmouth Canoe Club, out testing new club Scorpio and Capella sea kayaks, offered to redirect them if they managed to catch them up.

Sticking to plan, the rest of us paddled slowly towards Tuckenhay. On the way, I was surprised to hear heavy snorting behind. Thinking it was Sandra and worried about her wellbeing, when I looked behind I realised the flared nostrils and bulging eyes were a seal checking us out.

Close to Dittisham, Nick and Doug caught us up so we paddled on and stopped at Dittisham for a short break.

After setting off again, following a small detour up a cul-de-sac creek, we arrived on schedule at Tuckenhay.

A small rush at the bar saw the pub sell the most pasties in a single order of the day - very welcome, very tasty. I can also recommend the Dartmouth real ale as a good accompaniment.

Fully refreshed and burping pasties, we set off on the return leg. A straight paddle back on the ebb tide, without incident or seals, but a lot more mud showing along the banks. The paddle back was quicker without any stops and a faster flow closer to Dartmouth harbour speeding us on. Arriving back on schedule and only a small amount of mud to cross with the tide receding fast, we changed, loaded kit and kayaks and returned to Clevedon.

Attached is a video of the trip, click the picture to watch.