2011 02 26- River Tavy

Unfortunatley no photos.

Phil Harris organised a L3 coach Dennis Stanfield to give us a bit of an outting. The plan was to paddle the Dart loop but as everyone had paddled in many times, Dennis suggested the Tavy instead. We drove down in huge rain, which, combined with overnight rain, contributed to very good/high water levels.

We changed in the main Tavistock car park, which at the early hour we arrived was pretty empty of shopper but full of other kayakers changing. By the time we had changed, set up the shuttle (and after Dennis got a bit lost), the car park was empty of other paddlers and full of shoppers.

To sum up the trip, the river was very much like the loop but I thought some of the features were longer and more technical - more rocks to get round. It was a longer trip but that might have been because we played on all the stoppers. Basically, a lovely river to paddle when waters are high