2010 01 17 - 3 Star Canoe, River Dart

This was a 3 star canoe course run over two day through Darren Mill's Fluid Skills. Trainer was Andy Bruce. Course was run at the River Dart Country Club. Participants were Mike Perrot, Paul Farmer, Gavin Price.

Due to the snow melt, when we arrived the River Dart was running at a torrent so day 1 was done on the lake in the park going through 3 star skills, inside/outside pivot turns, bow jams, pries, j-strokes, slice strokes, etc. Fun event of the day was poling. Basically, you stand in the canoe and use the long pole to move about, usually used in shallow water for stubbing (slowing forward progress), poling (like punting) or windmill it (like paddling). Good fun.

Day 2 was all about moving water skills. To begin, we warmed up on the lake going through strokes we would need later. Then it was onto the water and practising ferry glides back and forth across flowing water. Having got the hang of that it was down the rapids. Lots of fun, no capsizes. Basically, two ways to go through waves trains down the side and avoid the splash or down the middle, enjoy the fun but expect to have to empty your boat on the flat.

A few photos of the two days here and a movie of Paul going over one of the rapids here.