2010 10 16: Salcombe to Kingsbridge

Gary worked out the place, the tides, the teashop, the parking, even the weather. And what a glorious October day it was!

Salcombe is one of those beautiful, hidden gems, nestling sleepily in the South Hams, collared by soft, rolling Devon hills. On an Autumn day, with the leaves on the trees turning yellow and red, and the sun lower in the sky providing a softening glow to the landscape, it must be one of the best places to paddle.

We set off early to arrive by 1000 at North Beach, parked next to the Winking Prawn cafe and popped in for a refreshing cuppa. Then it was off to unpack kit from the cars and carry it all down to the beach.

We paddled up to Kingsbridge, arriving about 1200, and got out at the slip for a picnic. There was a Farmers Market at the far end (not sure if Gary organised that for us as well) with local produce to tempt us.

Fully refreshed, we set off on the return journey, exploring the offshoot creeks along the way.

Back at the beach, while the others decided to go for another cuppa, Nick and I decided to paddle out of the estuary mouth to see what the coast was like around the corner for future reference. Our conclusion: rugged coastline, good rock hopping at low tide, stunning cliffs and landscape - definitely worth another visit next year.

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