2010 05 23 - Cardiff White Water Course

Finally found time to pop over to Cardiff and try the white water course, running at 8 cumecs (cubic metres per second), equivalent to "continuous grade 3+" as I was told by the receptionist. There was a small amount of rain on the way over that must have caused it to be in spate is all I can say (ho ho). If it looks "interesting" from the bank, it is more "interesting" on the water

"Get a couple of straight runs down to ease the nerves", said "Cheesey". Good idea, very tiring and does seem to work, sort of.

An ability to roll was handy; all tried them out and found they mostly worked. Strange feeling when you do swim and find yourself going at a rate of knots in knee high water. Excellent course, and the water was so warm compared to the icey Dart. Good evening out with mates.

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