2010 05 22 & 23 - Saturday & Sunday "The Hot Weekend"

The weather prediction was "scorchio", and for once they got it right!


Bit of coaching on the lake to start, plus a bit of a chat catching up with old paddling buddies.

Next, a stretch of the muscles and proper paddle up to Portishead... or so we thought. We set off with good intentions but the heat was too much and when we saw an inviting beach along the way, we pulled in to explore, have a drink and a picnic...... then decided the view and seclusion was marvellous so why not have a sunbathe. Lazy yes, but days like this don't come along too often.... then Sunday arrived.


The Pier was celebrating Lifeboat day, so we had to join in. And what better support could you ask for when running a BCU 2 star assessment journey: RNLI lifeboat, Portishead Lifeboat, even the coastguard, a helicopter, and the SV Matthew!

We set off from the beach about 1400, in time to paddle around the SV Matthew. Then the Portishead Lifeboat crew came up and told us of their plans to whoosh in and perform a rescue, so stand back. Grand stand seat or what.

After all the activity, we paddled up the Ladye Bay for a stretch, then got out for a rest before paddling back on the ebb tide.

Back at the beach we performed some rescue drill, support strokes, and a general bit of entertainment for the people on the beach.

Glad to say Doug and Maggie both passed their BCU 2 star. Job well done, grand day out, fantastic weekend, and congratulations to Doug and Maggie

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