2010 05 09 - Dartmouth to Tuckenhay and back

We met at the Darthaven Marina car park then went off for a cuppa while we waited for Pete and Becks to arrive. When they still hadn't arrived, we changed in the spotlessly clean Marina facilities, which they kindly let us use, then launched spot on time at 1300 from the creek conveniently next to the cars.

We paddled into the main flow where a whopper navy ship was moored amongst many other large, sumptious, small, fast, you name it type of craft. Continuing up the river, with a strong head wind to Dittisham, we pulled in for a quick stretch of the legs and waited for Pete and Beck to catch us up in their very handsome handmade wooden sea kayaks.

The paddle up to Tuckenhay was sometimes out of the wind and sometimes not, so plenty of edging practise. It felt warm enough with a cag and thermal, and was about 10c wind speed about 16 mph. Grey skies meant no need for sunblocker.

Arriving at 1530 at The Malsters Arm pub at Tuckenhay, we ordered big pots of tea, cider and pasties, very well received by the team. After a rest, we launched for the return journey and sped back on the tide, still some wind about but lessening as we approached the home creek.

A swift half in the nearby pub finished off the day nicely, thank you to all who came, Tim, Gary, Vince, Pete, Beck, Gavin and Carol.

This is a very pretty trip: lots of riverside buildings, wildlife, boats, peaceful, hardly anyone about, and protected from any rough weather. Great for all skill levels, slower paddlers can stick to the main flow, while faster paddlers can go off exploring the banks and creeks.

Click the picture below to watch video, click here for trip plan.