2010 05 01 - Teignmouth - L3 guinea pigs

Vince, Alex, Shaggy, Carol and I volunteered to be guinea pigs for a Level 3 coach assessment being run by Seasports Southwest based in Teignmouth Harbour.

Weather was typical bank holiday forecast, wet and windy (F2-3), however the day on the water proved to be less gloomy than expected. We had three coaches taking it in turns to coach us and during the lunch break were treated to three different 10 min lectures covering tidal charts, rescue flares, and taking taking good photographs while sea kayaking.

On the water the coaching was good covering a range of paddling strokes and ending the day with a bit of rock hopping to put all the strokes into practice, twisting and turning in and out of the rocks exposed at low water.

Click the picture below to watch video