2010 04 10 - Denny Island

Chris P advertised this as a bit of a stretcher, it certainly was! Fourteen of us set off from the beach, at approx 3pm, headed due north to the shipping lane, half way across which, Paul turns up, late as usual, then we ferry glided up towards Denny Island, stopping for a brief break. Nick and others checked out the cormorant's nests and baby chicks, whilst others snacked and rested and Lu served up some darjjling tea. Then we were off again, ferry gliding to Portishead, back across the shipping lane, and stopped again for a moment at the sailing club. As the tide had finally turned, everyone was keen to get back whilst there was still some chance of avoiding the mud at home. Everyone looked strung out, in all senses on the way back, narrowly missing the lifeboat, what a headline that would have made! Would have avoided the call out charge I suppose. Great trip, a good confidence builder, taking in neap tides, tidal flow,timings, navigation, light winds, etc Someone mentioned 20k, who knows? Fish, chips and lager in the pub afterwards, never tasted so good. Thank you to Chris and Mike who topped and tailed the group and to all others in between.

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