2009 11 15 - Dart Loop

A good day's paddling, water level high after the weekend's rainfall, river running like a choo choo, just made the ride all the more exhilerating.

Paddling crew: Nigel and Sam Barnes, Neil Banwell, Gavin and Aaron Price, and Paul Farmer.

Here's a collection of photos of some of the fun along the way, just click on the photo below to start it.

Here a some Quicktime movies of the second and third drops of Triple Falls, just click on the photos to start the movies. If you don't have Quicktime, then here is a link to download the free player: Quicktime.

Aaron going down the right side of Triple Falls and feeling the bumpy side but great break out into a small eddy.


Paul wobbling a bit at the top but great ride down with no mishaps.

Nigel nice and easy, calmly done.