2009 09 20 Blackpool Sands to Dartmouth

By Carol Price:

This trip was an easy gentle paddle on a sunny September day. We got in at Blackpool Sands, a beautuiful beach just east of Stoke Flemming, at about 11 oclock, rock hopped through some fantastic crops of jagged fallen cliff and expored the caves, before turning the corner into Dartmouth Estuary. We got out for a stretch of legs at the castle and a cup of tea then paddled on round the corner and got out for lunch in Dartmouth town itself, waited for the tide to change then did it all over again backwards. The forecast was correct: wind about 6mph which feels like nothing at all and the sea was as flat as a pancake. I 'd been a bit anxsious about the fact that the tide and flow were against us most of the time, but no extra effort was required and wasn't noticable at all! This was an excellent trip for the first timer on the sea.

Trip plan and trip photos.