2009 08 27 Lake Como

Carol and I spotted a "kayaks for hire" sign while on hols in Menaggio on Lake Como and couldn't resist. We decided to hire the boats for 3 hours and our plan was to paddle from Menaggio to Lenno, about 10nm in all.

The kayaks were manufactured by an Italian company called Rainbow. They were sit-on-tops and the hull design was seakayak shape, so we expected a fast and easy paddle across the lake. The paddles were another matter; 45 degree feather so anyone could use, left or right handled, but had seen better days as the shafts were a bit bent so we had to adjust our stroke and wrist rotation to compensate, which slowed us a bit at first until we got into our rhythm.

We slapped on some sunblock, I elected to keep a shirt on, and set off at a leisurely pace. After paddling cool British seas, paddling a warm lake in sunny conditions was a pleasant change. The villas along the lake were stunning as was the coastline in general. We had to stop for the ferries along the way but this simply provided opportunities to admire the wonderful views.

Trip photos here.