2009 08 23 Torbay

The weather looked set for a bit of a rough paddle with an F4 wind consistently forecast throughout the days leading up to the paddle. As a result only a few diehards decided to go ahead: me, Paul, Martyn and Gary, who wanted to try out his newly purchase P&H Scorpio.

We set off in two cars and arrived at Broadsands in time for high tide and a cup of tea. The sea looked pretty flat for the expected conditions but we togged up for a rough paddle. The sea did build a bit but nothing like we expected. We were in the bay and the winds were southerly so we were pretty much protected. We could see there was a stronger wind further out where a big group of sailing boats were racing so guessed they were experiencing the F4 winds. Never mind, it was good day for paddle, the sky was pretty grey but there was lots of activity on the water and things to see as we hugged the shore on our way to Meadsfoot Beach, including keeping so we had to keep an eye out for sailing dinghies, speed boats, and the Brixham ferry, etc.

We popped into Torbay harbour and had a look around then onwards around the point, through a gap in the clifs and arrived at Meadsfoot. We landed, lunched, had a cup of tea to warm up as the wind was a little nippy then headed back. After heaving the boats over the exposed sands at Broadsands, we changed, loaded up and then had another cuppa while overlooking the bay before setting off home.

Trip plan here