2009 08 09 Poole Harbour

By Carol Price:

Gavlar, me, Martin and Kate U and Guy arrived at Poole Harbour early at 10.00am and in sunshine. The plan was to paddle around Brownsea Island clockwise across the harbour opening, stop for lunch and round back again. We knew PHCC were going to be there doing something similar and met up in the free car park, conveniently next to our launch spot. As there were twenty six of them and we were feeling friendly, we joined them and went with their plan instead: paddle along the south side of the island and explore the creeks, avoiding the busy holiday crafts, ferry and sea cats. It was a gentle paddle, most of Poole Harbour is 2 or 3ft deep, so great for novices and practising strokes; I had a new paddle to run in. The PHCC lot had a wide range of boats to talk about and unusually, about half of the paddlers were females of all ages. The tides are strange in this part, two highs and a low quite soon after, so planning as always is essential, but also large areas become mud and will leave you stranded or wading in slimy goo. The forecast was unexpectedly correct: sunny with low winds 2 or 3 mph. After tea and medals we set off home, for a later debrief at the Moon and Sixpence.

Trip plan here