2009 04 19 Lulworth

This was a kayak symposium organised by Weymouth Outdoor Activity Centre. Paul, Carol and I had registered for the intermediate paddle, which sounded more interesting than the advanced paddle. Unfortunately Carol had a bad shoulder on the day so only Paul and I went.

A group of us were taken to Lulworth Cove, which we paddled around to warm up then set off along the coast. The plan was to do an A:B trip finishing at Bowlease Beach but it was an F6 wind, difficult to paddle into but luckily did not build the sea, however some of the group were not strong paddlers so we aimed for the beach just beyond Bat Hole, paddling through Durdle Door along the way. Nobby, our leader entertained us with his coastal knowledge, most interesting was the “dragon” rock and it “egg”, and the “hippo” hole.