2008 Isle of Wight

This was a trip I organised for Clevedon Canoe Club through Mendip Outdoor Pursuits.

We set off from Congresbury at 7:30, arrived at Lymington about 10:00, and were on the water by about 10:45 after applying lots of sun cream and filling up with plenty of water. We paddled out of Lymington Harbour, accompanied by the M25 communters who had swapped their cars for boats, which were in a long queue stretching across to the IOW. The plan was to paddle across to IOW then follow the shore around to the Needles, hugging the coast line and eddies because the tidal flow would be against us all day - going out and coming back. Our target was a beach east of Yarmouth, but it took longer than expected and we ended up further to the west than we planned. After reassessing our options and deciding we did not have enough time to reach the Needles, weo settled for a few big ice-creams from the beach cafe instead. Due to the change of plan, it meant that we wouldn't be paddling against the flow on the way back so it would be a more leisurely glide home.

Trip photos here.